Effortless home ownership, with none of the hassles

Whether it’s a magnificent retirement you are looking for, a luxury vacation home, or an incredible investment opportunity, Nosara Estates offers effortless home ownership, with none of the hassles.

Make strong rental
income when you’re
not using your

If you would like, the management of Nosara Estates can rent your home to affluent short-term vacationers, who pay as much as $1,000 or more a night to be in the Nosara area. The income can produce impressive returns and cover virtually all maintenance and operating costs. So you’ll be able to enjoy the rental income while we do all the detail work. Rent it often enough, and your home may well pay for itself!

Complete hospitality management

When you own at Nosara Estates, we deliver a comprehensive, property-wide management solution that makes ownership as inviting as an ocean breeze, enhances the market value of your home, and offers rental management that maximizes your rental income while making renting your home trouble free.

We take care of everything for you
when you’re here or away

We manage all aspects of ownership for you, from housekeeping, maid service, and upkeep while you’re here, to marketing and booking your home to rental guests when you’re away. Of course, everything is done to our uncompromising luxury standards, 24/7.

Free stay in the luxurious paradise of nosara estates
a $5,012 value. By invitation only!

FREE 4-DAY STAY in a luxurious
paradise—a $5,012 value

Explore the oceanside paradise that you can call home. Wake up to stunning ocean views with swaying palm trees.
Stay in a luxury villa valued at $895/night, all meals included. We’ll even pay your airfare for two.
Requires $997 homesite reservation. Applied to purchase price if you buy.

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